Sustainability – A journey towards Survival

December 21, 2021

Have you heard about #frankiethedino of COP26? He comes and says to the mankind to “Not to Choose Extinction”! How ironical is that! Lately, UNDP has released one short film in the name of #FrankieTheDino on the event of recent COP26 conference of United Nations Framework for Convention on Climate Change where a CGI Dinosaur talks to the world, warning that “Do not Choose Extinction. Save your species before it’s too late”.

In that whole piece, the one thing that stroked the world with a hard punch was his question – “At least we had asteroid, what’s your excuse?”. This naked truth, known by all, suddenly came just before the eyes that mankind has no one to blame when the question comes, who are responsible for dragging humanity to this edge. We are responsible and it is our duty now, to save the world from falling into extinction. The slogan can be none other than, live in sustainability and save the world!

In finding the causes, do we know what is one of the most pressing roots of human slump that we are facing today? The answer is consumption behavior of the fast world. On one hand, where every year, the textile industry alone spits out 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases — more than all marine shipping vessels and international flights combined — and consumes 98 million tons of oil, it became alarming to the highest extent that fast fashion is on rise on the other.

The apparent stem of this lies on the evolution of fashion in last two decades. In these decades, fashion has changed in such a whirlwind that keeping up pace with the “fancy taste” of the consumer, industry had to slide into dump. To keep the pace running with ever-revolving market, retailers and brands were forced to seek low-cost, cheap material products which had no fate but going into waste-dump. As a result, sustainability dwindled.

Nevertheless, the talk of hope is that we are changing, we are growing, we are thinking about our sustenance. People are clinging to sustainable consumption, choosing vegan, cruelty-free, organic, or recycled products which can be counted in close loop life cycle over their so-called “fancy taste”. Over the last several years, the industry has entered a remarkable period of upheaval, with major and small fashion brands alike ditching traditional methods of production in favor of eco-friendly and cruelty-free alternatives. It’s a welcome, long-overdue development, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

None has fortified the lift of sustainable fashion other than the rise of sustainable certifications. These voluntary, yet pre-imminent certification standards have come a long way and showed new dimensions to sway fashion industry – one of the oldest industries in world history. Such standards labels can be used to assess a brand’s or retailer’s commitment to sustainability in several elements of production and the supply chain, including raw materials, finished goods, and/or processes. Fiber standards, chemical control, labor rights, circular standards, and fairtrade certifications are among the fashion sustainability certifications available.

Lastly, the Certification Bodies, who actually works in implementation and verification of certifications standards throughout the brands till supply chain, are a great help. As a Certification Body, GSCS International Ltd. takes delight in being a part of this sustainability movement. Together, the journey of sustainability will be brought into light by brands, manufacturing plants and last, but not least certification bodies. We dream, we can only dream.